Our First All-Nighter

  We started this blog to help others learn about things that we’ve had to learn the hard way, but that hasn’t been the case. That said, we have lots of new material to share, and we hope to continue what we started all those months ago. So here goes.

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Calm water in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

The Strait of Juan de Fuca has a reputation for being a bit unforgiving should you be present for one of her mood swings. Because of this, we always keep a watchful eye on forecasts before venturing into the Strait, which has been kind, but there was a catch, and we were in for a surprise.

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Legalities of Living Aboard

Living aboard your boat, to most of us, seems to be the answer to wasting thousands on rent, utilities and sales taxes. And it’s one of the ideal ways to achieve real “freedom”. There are no homeowners associations, community clubs or city ordinances that say you have to mow your lawn once a week. Or so you thought.

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Fulfilling Our Own Prophecy

The sound of the tarp draped over the cockpit awoke Melissa and I just after 0600 flapping madly in the wind. The forecast called for a breeze today, and the sound of the tarp flapping usually makes me think it’s worse than it is. I lit a cigarette and poked my head out of the companion way to survey the situation.

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Lessons Learned After the First Month

We finally departed Boston Harbor on June 11th, 2016. The mast was finally up, most of the rigging complete and we were ready to go. The adventure was about to begin. And like any adventure, there were and still are some growing pains. Here are some lessons that we learned since we departed.

_DSC0050 (2)
S.V. Homebrew anchored snugly in Deer Harbor after the Independence Day fireworks show.

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